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Tourist Association Žetale

Tourist Association Žetale

The project is organized by association TD Žetale, Slovenia. TD Žetale is an organisaton which aim is to promote region Žetale, especially true Tourism. It was established in year 2000. Through the projects which we run, we would like to show that life in rural places as Žetale has a lot of positive sides. We base on youth members, we have over 60 members in age from 15-30 years. With projects on local base we want to show how young people can influence on many importat questions in everyday life, like equality, how to break the stereotypes, how to influence that policy make good decisions for youth. We run montly 2-3 projects on local base, during the year we run at least one international project, for more days. Our projects base on conferences, seminars, workshops, trips etc. With our organisation over 2000 people have already visited Žetale.

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