Participants of the project will be reimbursed 70% of their travel expenses. Organizers will provide accommodation and food (3 meals) during the whole period of the project.

Travel reimbursement

(Very important! Read carefully!) Participants of the project will be reimbursed 70% of their travel expenses after presenting all required originals of their travel documents.

The travel expenses will be reimbursed on presentation of the relevant receipts. Only the participants, who attend the entire youth exchange, can be reimbursed. Notice that there is some maximum travel cost for each person foreseen and participants must consult with the organisers ( before buying the tickets.

Only If all documentation is presented properly (see below), the payment will be done.

  • > Your travel expenses will be reimbursed only upon presentation of documentary evidence of the sum actually paid: original invoice or/and a copy of credit card slip. We will do a photocopy of the tickets you still will need to return and will keep the originals of ones you have already used
  • > Electronic tickets will only be reimbursed on receipt proof of payment (invoice, paper of booking/purchase printed from internet, copy of credit card-slip showing the transfer of the money for the ticket, payment confirmation from internet) and on presentation of the boarding pass for the outward journey.
  • > Note, that the booking paper alone is not enough to prove your travel expenses. You should present as well a bill, a slip of payment or print-out from your bank account to confirm the sum paid for your ticket
  • > Keep all travel documents you get during your trip: boarding passes, bills, slips, tickets etc.!
  • > Taxi fares will not be reimbursed

You should aim to arrive to venue of the youth exchange during the day on the 24th of July and depart on the 1st of August after breakfast.


Please, purchase a private insurance or get the free of charge formulary E-111 from your national social security that covers medical costs around EU member states.