TASTE THE SUCCESS24.7.2013 - 1.8.2013 @ žetale, Slovenia

Our main goal is to stress two important components of European citizenship: development of entrepreneurship and importance of active paticipation within the process of creation of European political future. Entrepreneurship will be supported through workshops which will encourage the establishment of a business. Within the workshop "Vote for food " two teams of youngsters will have the goal to open an open air restaurant, where "two parties" will be convincing the voters (guests) with their own advantages. This way we will bring a closer insight of the elections to the people as they would realize the real meaning of those and would find out that they actually can influence changes. Following the set framework, outdoor activities such as group sport games, hiking and games without borders will be included in the program make the time spent in the nature more active and to call out the matters of team spirit and active lifestyle.

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  • This is our 4th exchange, we're proud to host another project again. We promise you are going to have the fun of your life and also learn something new